A modern fruit processing plant is located in the village of Suseoka, 10 km from Valjevo.

The production process includes several stages:

  • growing plum orchards and other fruits
  • harvest
  • drying
  • processing
  • packaging of the final product

In order to achieve the main goal, which is high product quality, each stage in the production process is carefully controlled. Thanks to the application of modern technology and scientific and technological knowledge in the field of food processing, we believe that we are at the very top with the world's producers of similar products.



The quality policy of our production implies the following principles:

  • Satisfy the requirements and expectations of consumers and gain their trust
  • Implement an effective food safety system
  • Apply an effective and efficient quality management system
  • Protect the health of customers by constantly improving product safety at all stages from receipt of raw materials and starting materials to storage and shipment of finished products
  • We maintain maximum hygiene of the plants, as well as all premises at the highest level to prevent the possibility of food contamination
  • We constantly maintain and improve the GMP and GHP principles
  • By more efficient use of resources and hazardous substances, improve the state of the environment by preventing its pollution
  • When procuring raw materials and in its production program, the company uses products that do not originate from genetically modified organisms.
  • Constantly identify and review the needs and requirements of consumers and create conditions for the development and improvement of technical equipment and continuous improvement of product quality
  • To be fully compliant with all applicable world standards, laws and regulations
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business system through continuous training of management and employees
  • Develop partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Constantly increase the company's profit by constantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • To develop moral norms as well as the moral evaluation of each individual in our company, all employees, as the most important resource, should feel safe and benefit from work while respecting the individuality of each individual and actively promoting teamwork.


Latest events and current events

Coming soon - new packaging

Coming soon - new packaging

Chocolate coated plum soon in a new package. Modern and likable!

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Fantastic five from Brussels! World chefs reward Serbian products

Fantastic five from Brussels! World chefs reward Serbian products

World chefs reward Serbian products Brussels, June 26, 2019 - Five Serbian companies received the prestigious award for the first-class taste of their products "Superior Taste Award" and had the opportunity to learn more about the promotional and business opportunities that this award brings: Agranela for prunes, Real Red Raspberry for raspberry spread, Ecovital for cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil, Happy Honey for raw honey with lyophilized plums and Arrow for chopped ajvar. Hundreds of food and beverage producers from around the world, chefs, sommelier, representatives of retail chains and the media, attended the awards ceremony in Brussels. Participation in this competition was supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Project. "This is a great success for Serbian producers. The award for the first-class taste highlights these products that have been tasted and awarded by 100 leading world and Michelin chefs. In that way, the consumer buys these products with confidence and knows that he gets top quality for the money spent," said Alan Coxon, a member of the jury and the host of this year's ceremony of the International Taste Institute. On the same day, on the occasion of awarding Serbian premium products, a reception was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels, in cooperation with the Mission of The Republic of Serbia to the European Union. The event was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, Belgian company and importers of food products. Marina Jovicevic, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium, opened the gathering and addressed the audience: "We do not often have the opportunity to gather at such a beautiful event for which the main reason was the taste." She pointed out that this award will open the door for our producers for future business cooperation between Serbia and Belgium, but also other EU countries. "I hope that this trend will continue in the coming years, along with our progress on the European path and our efforts to adapt to European standards and certifications." Jasmina Debeljak Maljkovic, Deputy Director of the USAID's Competitive Economy Project, pointed out the importance of promoting Serbian high-quality food products in foreign markets, primarily in the EU market: "This event is exactly the way we can promote the Serbian high-quality food industry. Today, we joined the best products from the world and showed that in addition to a quality raw material base of fruits and vegetables, Serbian companies have the potential and capacity to make high value products."

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