Our modern fruit processing plant is located in the village of Šušeoka, 10 kilometers away from Valjevo.

The production process includes several stages:

  • Growing plum trees and other fruits
  • Harvesting
  • Drying
  • Processing
  • Packaging the final product

In order to achieve our main goal, which is high quality of the product, every stage in the production process is carefully monitored.

Thanks to applying state-of-the-art technology and scientific and technological advancements in the field of food processing, we believe that we are at the very top side by side with global producers of similar products.

Our production’s quality policy includes the following principles:

  • Satisfying the demands and expectations of customers and earning their trust
  • Implementing an efficient food safety system
  • Implementing an effective and efficient quality management system
  • Safeguarding consumers’ health by constantly improving product safety in all stages – from accepting raw materials and starting materials to storing and dispatching finished products
  • We maintain the highest hygiene level at the plant and other spaces in order to prevent the possibility of contaminating the food
  • We maintain and improve the GMP and GHP principles
  • By efficient use of resources and hazardous substances, we improve the conditions of the environment by preventing its pollution
  • In its procurement of raw materials and its production program, the company uses GMO-free products
  • We constantly identify and examine the needs and requests of customers and create conditions for the development and improvement of equipment and product quality
  • We are fully in compliance with all applicable international standards, laws, and regulations
  • We increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our business system by regular trainings of management and employees
  • We foster partnerships with cooperatives and suppliers
  • We keep increasing the company’s profits by constantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • We develop ethical standards and ethical values of each individual at our company; all our employees, as the most important resource, should feel the safety and benefits of their work while respecting the individuality of every person and actively promoting team work

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